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When the hell did that happen?
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I probably spelt that wrong...

In any case something I've noticed is the ludicrous prices people offer for pretty simplistic shit when it comes to art. I was just looking at some random deviant who offers $15 for an image with line art and flat colours. Like holy goddamn shit, I can do that. I may struggle drawings cars post 1991 but I can...sort of draw other stuff decently. I mean goddamn some of the prices I've seen is ridiculous. It gets worst when they increase the price depending on nonsensical variables like whether there will be a background or how many objects are in the picture. In some cases it's almost criminal what some of these people want for pretty simple stuff. I mean like that deviant charges $5 for sketches...that's a goddamn gold mine, right there. Sure some people provide a much better level of quality when it comes to this sort of stuff and for some this is their livelihood. In any case I feel like that I should hop on this bandwagon since I do weirdly still get requests for stuff...and art believe it or not is one of the few things I can actually do...:icongrin--plz:

So my 'rates' if you will: 
$1 - Sketch 
$2 - Lineart 
$3 - Flat Colours 
$4 - Shading 
As for stuff like a background or extra set pieces the price increases by 25 cents. This is all AUD by the way and I know those prices are criminal but you know I've got to make a living....I guess that's why this is called DeviantART because all the artists are deviants. 

This is a joke...except for the prices those are real I'll work out paypal later, lol. If you have a request don't worry I'm not charging you...also I will not accept points, points are worthless...
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Coming to the PS3 and PS4:…

It seems that those stupid zelda rip offs are finally going into the trash and are being replaced by what the fans wanted from day 1 an open world style game. However the fact it mentions "episodes" makes me think it's going to be like Revelations 2. Which I hope it's not because this could be a potentially good game. Also finally got the platinum on Watch_Dogs now that is a pretty good game much better then what I thought it be like. Now gotta get the dlc for it to get the rest of the trophies ;)
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Creepy stare 
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Well I just finished watching Episode 2 (I think) of Transformers Robots in Disguise. For some reason it came out in Australia before the states (possibly the first time that's ever happened lol) and my opinion...meh. Was it as good as Transformers: Prime second episode...not really. I figure the best way to describe the episode is through the simple goods and bads format: 

  • The Father is a pretty cool guy. He's pretty interesting and actually rode with Fixit and Strongarm during the mission of the day. He also tried to take on one of the con-minicons. 
  • Fixit wasn't as bad as I thought he was going to be. 
  • The vehicle forms have functioning headlights.
  • There was a cool chase scene which had some interesting angles. 
  • Strongarm acted somewhat normal towards the end. 
  • The Night sequences that happen. 

  • Bumblebee. In general it feels like he's been nerfed. I probably missed something in the first episode but he talks about how he helped take down Starscream and Megatron but he doesn't act like it. Like all his fighting skill he had in Prime is just gone. Remember when he took on Shockwave, well that bumblebee must've gotten swapped out because he got taken down by the cons three times. 

  • Strongarm's hardon for regulations. Remember in pretty much every incarnation of Transformers that has had Minicons, well apparently minicons are (according to strongarm's regulations) only for desk work. Apparently she's never met highwire. Also she was bitch to Fixit for most of the episode. However like I said towards the end of the episode she does have a sort of interesting banter with sideswipe. 

  • Why does Sideswipe have all this Ninja motif? He's more like a thug with Chinese lettering tattooed on him. Again I probably missed something in the first episode. 

  • Grimlock is severely annoying. It feels like he's meant to be Breakdown 2.0 only not as interesting. I also don't like how he doesn't have a vehicle form. I get it's grimlock and his thing is a dinosaur alt mode but when all the decepticons have this animal motif and transform into vehicles it just seems weird Grimlock wouldn't have just something. 

  • The Con has a british accent and uses british slang. He refers to the autobots as Coppers multiple times. The only way it could have felt worst is if he said Rozzers at some point. 

  • So there's this segment which happens halfway through the episode after the autobots lose the first fight to the con. Basically a database takes up the whole screen and shifts through files to find the information about the con. It's almost like when in Sonic X, Eggman would use a slot machine to pick the monster of the week. Check the video to see what I mean: [link] That's basically what the segment is like. 

  • Let's talk about the main conflict of the episode. Basically after the Autobots learn who the con is and work out his plan (good thing he was stealing stuff within a 50km radius) they go to confront him. The con is 5 minicons combined together so Strongarm takes out one of them and he loses his left arm as result. Then because Fixit was bought along the con attached fixit to his left arm and started using him as a weapon. Now this is my problem Fixit's sole purpose for being there was to be able to do some technical stuff (wasn't explained) to get into the oil refinery (I think). But him, strongarm (in vehicle mode) and the dad all get in by passing a guard post claiming to be inspectors. Next the other autobots weren't with strongarm because they didn't want to get spotted, well guess what? No one was there. Furthermore when discussing the plan it made it seem like it would've been like that episode of Prime where the kids infiltrated a military base. Hell Strongarm could've gone solo and not attract any attention. Anyway the con attaches fixit to his arm...and basically is used to bludgeon the autobots. Basically the rest of the episode goes with Fixit overcoming the Con's control and saves the day. 
  • The B plot with kid was pretty boring and I skipped most of it. 

  • The Kid in general. I don't remember his name only the nickname the tomboy/cool/sporty girl gave him. So anyway if you thought the Human conflict in Age of Extinction was bad, if you thought miko was bad, if you thought Brad from Armada was bad this kid is damn near unbearable. He goes to play some football with some other kids and gives up after being tackled once. He constantly complains about everything. And he has a girl coming to him just to tell him he's cool only for him to give her the cold shoulder and basically tell her to fuck off. Honestly I would rather have a shia labeouf and megan fox than this kid. 

  • The girl who follows the kid around. She sees Grimlock in his dino form and she just brushes it off as "Cool Dinosaur statue"...WHAT! Also she has a sidecar on her push bike. 

  • Finally this is more a nitpick if anything else but the Girl says that Bumblebee is a 1995 Griffon Windblade. There is no way in hell he's meant to be some sort of 90s muscle car. 

So yeah alot of things wrong with this episode but I'm hopeful that future episodes aren't as annoying. The next episode is tomorrow so I will watch that and see if Strongarm would not mention regulations more than five times...I doubt it. 

I put some spaces between the bads so it isn't a wall of text. 
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Well time to get fucked up. 
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Sorry that I haven't been posting as much art as I used to but you know stuff comes up. 

Also to those who have requests sorry they're taking so long at this point I can imagine some of you have forgotten what they were. Anyway I'm hoping of finishing those soon. 

Once again I'd like to say thanks for all the positive feedback I receive on my art. In my 4 years on DeviantART I don't get that much hate even though in my first year I was a massive asshole to some people on the site and while I do find it somewhat irritating that some of my favourite artists on the site block me for somewhat unreasonable reasons I will conceive that my asshole tendencies haven't fully dissipated.  Anyway so those of you who ever commented, favorited or hell even watch me I say thanks. :icongrin--plz:

Also if you haven't already buy the new ghost rider comic there's now a book of the first five issues. 

Finally next week Far Cry 4 comes out which is going to be awesome! I can't wait. :D
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So I was on a bus right. And like two rows away from me there's this asian dude and he was rolling joints. I was shocked I mean I've hung out with guys who smoke weed and roll joints but I've never seen one on a bus. Also Halloween came and pass, in aus we don't really celebrate it so I didn't do how was your guy's halloween? 
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I went to a swell party. Where I had about four Daiquiris. It was a great night. 

How about you guys? How was last night? 
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Yeah so it seems some people can't take a joke. (Or that I can't tell a joke =_=)

Once again someone blocked me because I told them one of their images were terrible (not even that I said that one area of the image was terrible). But no can't say one image is bad without being blocked.
Well Fuck me right? 

*edit* the situation has been resolved which is cool. Now I know don't be an asshole without first implying your joking around otherwise there might be some misunderstanding. 
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Nothing much that's what. 
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Basically I was playing Fallout 3 since I want to 100% the game. However one of the things I need to do is to reach level 30. So after going through the dunwich building on very-hard, I decided to head to Bigtown to do some glitch. Turns out everyone is dead. Don't know why cause there were still robots patrolling it. So I go outside and planned on going to the memorial field where I saw a dog. I thought "easy 5 xp." and prepared to shoot it. However it's marker was green...

So I walked up to the dog and it was the infamous Dogmeat. Now I completed 3 back in August of 2012 and since the day I first went to the scrapyard I never encountered dogmeat. I always assumed she had died. Nope instead I find her mid-rampage outside a ghost town walking towards me. Point is I wasn't ready for her to tag along with me so I sent her to Vault 101 to wait for me. I figure once I do 100% I'll go for a nice long walk. 

TL: DR - While in the middle of a rampage I encountered Dogmeat for the first time outside of Bigtown 2 years after getting the Platinum trophy for Fallout 3. 



My fucking game froze on me and didn't save ANYTHING no Dogmeat, no bigtown, no mirelurks, NOT EVEN FINISHING THE DAMN DUNWHICH BUILDING!
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I've been listening to the same damn song for about 12 HOURS+
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Nothing infuriates me more when people make a music-mix but don't bother to list what songs are in it. 

*edit 16/06/2014* 

Screw the above entry. I've found something that really pisses me off. So I was watching Masterchef AUS where a contestant got eliminated for not having enough sauce, while another contestant who FORGOT AN ELEMENT OF THE DISH got off scotts free. Worst still the judges never mentioned this fact or bought it up when they were judging. Tonight I was reminded why I don't watch shows like MKR or Masterchef anymore. 

Also I broke my headphones so now I've got to use my other set. 
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I have over 100 watchers. What the actual f*ck? Where did all of you come from and why are you watching me? That's a rhetorical question of course, I know exactly why you all watch me. Cause I'm F*CKING AWESOME!

Well anyway all of you guys are awesome for watching me and I appreciate it, thanks. :D 

- Silnev
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I suspect from what I've seen it will be a rip off of NFS Hot Pursuit only with Ferraris. If it is I'm going to be disappointed all over again.

+Zip Line's Datapad+

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God I remember when games used to cost as much as the special editions for games cost these days.
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.......That's it really....
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Unless you want a Burnout Paradise Clone then no....