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I suspect from what I've seen it will be a rip off of NFS Hot Pursuit only with Ferraris. If it is I'm going to be disappointed all over again.

+Zip Line's Datapad+

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Class - Scientist

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INT: :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: x 1.1 = 5.5

STR: :star: x 1.1 = 1.1

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DEF: :star: :star: x 1.1 = 2.2




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God I remember when games used to cost as much as the special editions for games cost these days.
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.......That's it really....
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Unless you want a Burnout Paradise Clone then no....
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Just got DJ Hero 2 and it is awesome. Aswell as Fallout 3, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron and Just Cause 2.
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E3 is coming up anything particular you excited about. Personally I can't wait for Playstation all stars battle royal news.
Also… black ops 2. *squee* whoops...I mean hell yeh!
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Check out this awsome series I'm working on. Its called Initial P a crossover between the anime/magna Initial D and the cartoon show My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. Essentially I take characters from MLP and place them in cars that were seen in Initial D. The series will be placed into stages with what racers our protagonist Twilight Sparkle would have to race.
Stage 1:
Twilight Sparkle:…
Rainbow Dash:…
Apple Jack:…
Pinkie Pie:…
Mr Cake:…
Octavia and Vinyl:
Group Pic:…

Stage 2:

Stage 3:

Stage 4:

Future Stages:
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Hi there
guess what
it is my
and the wait is killing me each day seems to be getting slower and slower. =_=
So i need help any suggestions on how to beat the wait?
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I'am sick.
So what's up
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  • Watching: "Screw you guys I'am going home"
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  • Eating: melted over a open flame with smores
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What have I've been doing lately?
Well I've been blasting Zombies on the moon, killing the infected in Africa, Street Racing in L.A., driving a yellow challenger down lombard street, shooting Portals, Shooting Russian's on Oil Fields, going deep undercover among other street racers, driving most exotic cars aroun Le Mans, teaching others how to drive a Jansen P12 and finding a "Heart" stopping easter egg in Liberty City.

Work out what games are refferenced and you will win a prize. :iconsmileplz:
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Hi how is everyone?
And to save you time I will answer your question.
I'am fine, trying to draw stuff and I'am relaxing.
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sorry but I've been hooked in with doing other stuff for a while now. Mainly playing Call of Duty (and failing :() but anyway how is everyone?
P.S. 6 pictures left till I die yep more on that later.
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I've got me quick revive sorta...
Playing zombie mode on cod so don't bother me
  • Mood: Mortified
  • Listening to: Archers Bows been broken by Brand new
  • Reading: Horrorpedia
  • Watching: My Pictures
  • Playing: NFS
Just kidding guys, and yes I have become a fan of Harley Quinn. But who cares about that I wanted to know how many of you have Nazi Zombies and if so what is your highest round on any map.

Now onto DA stuff I have a plan to do a weekly spot the difference for mah acount so you can compete there would be a winner for the most right in a month (so thats aboout 4 weeks). You will win a golden picture of something...or any request I dunno.

Two rules:
1. Don't be a trollin
2. Don't laugh at wins

And finally GEE-ZUS
I'am Silnev and I'am not a soviet.
Tell me what is purple and smells like paint?
  • Mood: Mortified
  • Listening to: Archers Bows been broken by Brand new
  • Reading: Horrorpedia
  • Watching: My Pictures
  • Playing: NFS
I'am workikng on some pictures i've been meaning to do.
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  • Playing: With my Transformer Toys
I;ve got TF toys starting with Generations Dirge and Thrust which is kick ass. Howevcer there is no Ramjet so I have to buy it off the net :(.
Any suggestions for any other TF's I should get?
(Also that same day I got a Delorean Hot Wheels car)
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Just kidding how is everyone.
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  • Listening to: Poker Face by Eric Cartman
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  • Eating: Coco Pops
it's true also if i say a swear to you or diss your art don't freak out about it.
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  • Reading: Ebay junk
  • Playing: Gran Turismo 5
  • Eating: Coco Pops
Go ME!!! :iconimtiredplz: